My idea for an open source democracy:

- originele Nederlandse versie (v4.0 augustus 2016)

- English translation (v4.0 August 2016)

The copyright of the text and the English translation is owned by me, Thijs Bollen, in a kind of open source way: the use of the integral versions is free but with the mentioning of my name.

More info about the 'systemic consensus principle' at

Here is a very interesting work on democracy from Verhulst and Nijeboer:

In het Nederlands (met mijn annotaties):
Directe democratie: feiten, argumenten en ervaringen omtrent van het referendum (uitgave van Democracy International onder de Creative Commons-licentie)

See for the English edition and other languages:

The classical book from Étienne de la Boétie:

In het Nederlands (met mijn annotaties):
Vertoog over de vrijwillige slavernij (copyright onder de Creative Commons-licentie)

And for the English edition 'Discourse on Voluntary Servitude':

About the relation between democracy and education (John Dewey) there is a very interesting book from Joop Berding called 'John Dewey, over opvoeding, onderwijs en burgerschap'. Mail mij als je daarvan een samenvatting met mijn commentaar wenst te ontvangen.

From this relation between democracy and education a new project from me and my friend is emerging:

I had created and was administrating an open source democracy platform myself, but lack of resources and of interest made me to stop it. But here are some other democracy platforms:

This might be interesting software:

The well known
And the new


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